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Most Valued Customer,

MCIS is forever committed to improving our value proposition to you. Based on our on-going research and development, as well as
your feedback and recommendations, we have introduced several improvements to the ADVANCE Web Portal, aimed at
providing a more comprehensive platform for the management of your account.

Chief among the developments is an upgrade of the technology behind our reporting service, which will result in:

1. Enhanced Reporting Features

  • a. the ability to Export reports to Microsoft Word as well as improvements in exporting to Microsoft Excel and CSV.
  • b. the ability to 'Cancel' a report during processing
  • c. Improvements in report processing

2. Additional Search Criteria such as Vehicle Manufacturer

3. Additional Report Groupings and drill-down capabilities including the Vehicle Cost Report

4. The introduction of New Reports

  • Driver Listing
  • Payment listing
  • Last Mileage Reading

Please let us have your feedback. Send your comments to

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